Game Theory

Role: Associate Producer
Team: Lois Jeary and Odessa Celt
Venue: Tristan Bates Theatre
Dates: April 2015
Link || Exeunt Post-Show Feature

Post-show Events:

Staging the Facts: Science in Performance – in partnership with Exeunt Magazine
Tuesday 2nd April
A discussion of the ethics and responsibilities of depicting science on stage, chaired by Exeunt’s Mary Halton. Panellists include Game Theory playwright Odessa Celt, co-founder and co-artistic director of Analogue Theatre Hannah Barker, Artistic Director of LAStheatre Barra Collins, and Dr Tarit Mukhopadhyay, Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering at UCL and LAStheatre collaborator.

Cast and Creative Q&A
Tuesday 7th April
A chance to grill director Lois Jeary, playwright Odessa Celt and cast Andrew Pugsley, Nadia Shash and Georgina Blackledge on their experiences working on Game Theory. Chaired by Daniel Perks, critic at Theatre & Performance Magazine.

British-Arab Culture: What does it look like today?
Wednesday 8th April
Panelists Malu Halasa, journalist and author of The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie: Intimacy and Design (2008), award-winning London-based Lebanese performer and arts producer Alia Alzougbi, and Artistic Director of Shubbak Festival Eckhard Thiemann come together for a discussion of the presence, profile and impact of the contemporary British-Arab cultural scene. Chaired by Ruba Asfahani of Modern Art Oxford.

Hymenoplasty: Panel discussion and Q&A
Tuesday 14th April
Panellists include Shereen El Feki, writer-activist and author of Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World (2013); Dr Anke Bernau, author of Virgins: A Cultural History (2007) and Professor of Medieval Literature and Culture at the University of Manchester; and Dr Nick Morris, gynaecologist and plastic surgeon. Chaired by Smitha Mundasad, health and science correspondent for the BBC.

Genomic Sequencing: Panel discussion and Q&A
Thursday 16th April
Dr Dan O’Connor, Head of Humanities and Social Science at the Wellcome Trust, will discuss genomic sequencing and the ethics that surround it with Yulia Kovas, Professor of Genetics and Psychology at Goldsmiths University; Fatos Selita, barrister and Chair of the Council on Ethical, Societal and Legal Implications of Genetic Research in Psychology and Education at Tomsk State University; and Clare Williams, Professor of Medical Sociology at Brunel University.


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