Rendezvous in Bratislava – Scratch

Miriam and her granddad are a match made in double-act heaven: they both make theatre, they’ve never met, and he’s been dead for 35 years. Using his original Slovak communist-era cabaret material, join us for the world premiere of this generationally challenged duo.

Role: Creative Director
Company: Travelling Tent
Venue: Battersea Arts Centre – Freshly Scratched
DateSaturday 9th July 2016
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Assistant Director: Zoë Tweed
Music: Will Gardner
Actors: Marek Chomist, Jakub Repisky, Juliana Sersenová, Robert Susienka
– Slovak Community Theatre London

What people said:

“I would love to see this developed into a longer piece”
Audience member

“Very funny and surprising, and felt like a loving and innovative way of telling someone’s life story”
Audience member

“I’ve never seen anything like that, and I loved it”
Audience member

“I loved the absurdity of it, awkward laughs covering a dark underbelly”
Audience member

“It was fun, engaging and hard to categorise – which I love”
Audience member

“Great potential”
Audience member

“I was absorbed, interested, amused, surprised by some of the historical facts – very pertinent today, sadly”
Audience member

“I felt like I was getting a look into a world I don’t know much about – I would like to see more of it”
Audience member

“Highly original fusion of ‘Europe’ and Britain, very important in the current climate”
Audience member

“I love the fact that it explored a difficult topic through a personal story and comedy”
Audience member